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Anti-Crisis Software offers Enterprise Information System Development services supplying the people, processes, tools and methodologies for managing custom and packaged software applications. The focus of these services is on a new application development as well as performance enhancements, customization, integration, and other services delivered in support of the life cycle of particular enterprise applications and information system in general. Anti-Crisis Software major experience in custom development: Java, .NET, C++ (including cross platform development) as well as other areas: PHP, Delphi, Ruby, Mac OS development.

E-business application development services by Anti-Crisis Software department includes web applications and portals development, redesign and performance tuning of legacy systems, customization of open-source solutions, web services building, mash-ups deployment, standalone- to-web migration, new versions development, and web CMS development. Besides professional web development services we provide you with recommendations on cost-effective options for your case (e.g. using open source customization and integration to cut down licensing costs or shorten time of development with rapid application development).

Offshore Software Development services are based on remote business model when activities such as software development, testing, and consulting become the objects for outsourcing. This model proved its efficiency especially in cost-time terms. Almost decade of successful outsourcing practice resulted in transparent and easy managing processes.

Consulting and Analysis Services provided by Anti-Crisis Software cover all the aspects of application development and management such as: technology and product consulting, applications consulting, and process consulting. The particular tasks of application consulting performed by Anti-Crisis Software specialists are formalization and systematization of software requirements, functional specifications development, analysis and enhancements plans development, and many others. Though, every project is a different case with its specific objectives and conditions.